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Date: April 2nd 1915
H.A. Pearson

Captain H.A. PEARSON, formerly of Lindsay, is in Y.M. C.A. work at the front in France. Following are extracts from a letter sent to his wife in Lindsay and published in The Lindsay Post:

There is so much to tell, I scarcely know where to begin. I arrived in Rouen early this morning and had the great pleasure of receiving letters, the book of poems, also the chocolate bars from the boys, the latter somewhat the worse for wear, but it was all I had for dinner to-night, so I appreciated it.

I left Rouen at noon and am now in a place which must be nameless. The latter part of this month I have spent among our men at a place called C and the trip took me to two important places (Ypres and Armentiers). That my trip has been filled with interest you may be sure, and it was a pleasure to meet with so many old friends.

I spent an evening with Lovelace and Burgoyne of St. Catharines. Looked for Frank (brother) but could not find him. I enjoyed the trip in Belgium especially and am sorry it is impossible to give you details of all that happened. I am with Major Moore of Winnipeg. C.O.. M. T .S., whom I mentioned in one of my former letters. I found our men in need of the supplies, and my work here is to collect such quantities of paper matches, etc. as I can, and cover the ground again. These trips are made possible by the fact that recent developments on the Channel have delayed the opening of that spot known as S 8. where I expect to be stationed. I am sending Mr. B a report of my work, and hope you see some of it.

Belgian Boys Repairing Roads.
Can Jack steer his sleigh yet? The little boys in this land are rolling hoops, tossing coins, etc., but so many men are away at the front that even small boys have to work hard, and up in Belgium many little fellows not more than ten years old are working on the roads, filling up the holes caused by shell fire. The schools are closed, the school houses are occupied by soldiers. Even the dogs have to work, and many small carts are used, drawn by three or four dogs. It is hard to realize that the day just passed has been Sunday