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Date: March 7th 1944
Wife & daughter
Robert Duncan

[A single message was written across two postcards. Photographs on front sides of postcards captioned: “CHINE ENTRANCE & CLOISTERS, BOSCOMBE.” and “CORFE CASTLE.”]

7 March 1944

Hi My Two Sweethearts XX

Here is another very interesting spot in England that I have seen. Some day I may be able to enlarge on that short phrase – for now it will have to be all in the way of explanations.

This part of the country simply reeks of history: Knights on big chargers and such but the modern version tears along in a jeep, a lorry, a tank, a bren gun carrier or what is more likely, on "Shanks pony". Pick 'em up and put 'em down". Not too bad after you get used to it and at time in very interesting places

All My Love Always.
X Daddy X

Original Scans

Original Scans