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Date: April 19th 1916

France, April 19, 1916
Dear Sister,
I received your letter dated March 31 and was certainly glad to get it. You say you haven't received any letters since I left England. Well I don't know what is wrong cause I have written one at least every two weeks. Pa says he don't get them and Gee I have been writing two a week to him. Susan, my girl, gets them which I write to her. Well I get all letters and parcels which are sent to me. I got 2 parcels from you up to this date and some bundles of papers. I saw Ronnie's picture in Sunday World last time I was in trenches. All parcels we get here take about 20 days and letters 15. Well I have been out for 8 days rest and am going in again Friday. Well I have been writing this letter for 3 or 4 days now. This is Easter Sunday and is a dandy day only Old Fritz is handing over some eggs and is making us look out. He has been shelling us all day. We have had 12 days of rain and everything is very muddy and lots of water. Well we are going to celebrate the battle that took place here last year soon. I am getting along fine and in good health. I wish I could go out on the motorcycle these fine mornings but I should worry. I suppose you people are wondering when war will be over but I guess it will last another week anyway. I don't think it will last very long for me cause I am expecting it every day. Well I suppose Ray will soon be enlisting and coming over. I think he will be able to have a chance. Well I must close.
A. MacKinnon