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Date: October 25th 1944


Pte. J. L. Dureault

Somewhere in England

Romanway Convalescent

Oct. 25/44 Wed.

Hosp. W.G6 C.A. O.

My Dearest Dad Mother Bro. & Sis.

Here I am once more but no letter today received two from Denise yesterday and also Margaret Garden so I've answered them and now to the Dearest people living. Well I'm fine and still carrying on with my treatments so don't know any more that I did when I came here. Well Dad, I guess it won't be so very long till you go on an awful drunk, eh! Take care of yourself Dad. Mother Dearest I presume you've really been busy eh! Fixing up those Sis.'s of mine, ha! Don't do to much though Mother. Hello Mrs. Bonneville how are you it won't e long now, eh! Boy oh boy its hard to believe, Lorraine and Emilda I suppose you've some what busy to eh! It's a great life isn't it take care of yourselves girl's and don't get to excited, ha ha! Hello George, are you going to serve mass for Blanche's wedding? Don't get to drunk George and if my Denise happens to be there take good care of her, eh! Carmelle are you being a good girl many of kisses to you. Maxine million and thousand of kisses and great great big hugs to you. Give my best regards to duke and tell him to go easy on the jug ha, ha. Also big hello to all Uncle's and Aunts till then that I'm always thinking of them. Well there really isn't a darn thing to say. Oh, that the wedding will be a push and may they always be happy. Wait till Tuck and I get home ha ha! There may be a lot of cooking to be done. Well getting short of paper so I'll close tonite Hoping to hear from you all real soon. May God gless you and give you the very best of health and all the luck in the world.

Your son and Bother


Concerning to news over here it's still the same. But were all hoping and praying that this War is over real soon so as we can al go back to our Dearest one' once more. I go to church every morning and pray in the afternoon so I'm behaving fairly well and that good or I it? Well I sure hop prayer helps.