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Date: October 8th 1944

L106508 Some where in Eng.

Pte. J. L. Dureault

Oct 8/44

Roman Way Convalescent Hosp


W,G, 6 C.A.O.

Dearest Dad Mother Bro and Sis,

Well here I am one more and as you see in a different Hosp. the same one as Leo was in I'm over here taking special treatments, starting tomorrow. Well, I'm feeling fine and guess who I met here you that fellow Carey that was talking to you well he's here was wounded same day as me and he says' to say hello to you all and also say hello to his Aunty for him so there's a job for somebody ha.ha. Well Dad, I sure hope you are not working to hard and taking excellent care of yourself Mother Dear I sure hope you are taking care of yourself and not dong more that you should. Blanche how are you Hello to Paul and all the kid's for me, eh! Lorraine and Emilda are you being good girls? Better be. George old boy how's things? Working hard. Carmelle are you behaving loads of kisses to you. Maxine million of hugs and kisses to you. Hello to Due and all Uncle and Aunts. I was at church this morning and am now willing to try to tell every body who writes to me my new address as I really cant write to them all to tell them (pretty please) . I'll try to write to both Denise's today if I can't tell them. I hope all of you are fine at home and one of you sick and don't tell me. That wouldn't be right would it? I suppose all the crops are pretty well done now, et! Let me know the results of Dureault farm, eh! As I'm very interested in it, well, This is more or less a crummy letter but its all the news there is and I don't like to lie. Well as I always finish my letters wishing you all the luck in the world and the very best of health and May God bless you big hello to Grandmother for me.

Your Son and Bro that loves you all.

Oh, so dearly and is always thinking of

You as always Buck xxxxxxxxx.