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Date: September 13th 1942

Calgary Alt.

Dear Inona -:

It is raining as hell so I thought I would write a few letters. I never saw such a country for rain in all my life. I thought the west was supposed to be a dry country.

Last night Jack and I went down to the dance and had a very good time. The girls out here make me mad. When you are dancing with them they don't want to talk to you and look as if they were looking about 100 miles away from you. After they dance they bugger off. as if you were a disease. Last night we were sitting around the side of the hall. This girl danced passed and I saw her looking at me but didn't pay any attention. I had saw her quite a few times before but never had a dance with her. She really is a cute kid. Looks like Margaret Barbour [?] only a little taller and has blonde hair. The next time she came around I give her the old wink and she smiled as I knew she wanted me to pick her up so I got her for the next dance. She said she had been trying to get my eye every time I went to the dancer . So I took her home and am right in there. The girl I was running around with went to Vancouver for her holiday's and don't know when she will be back. I don't give a damn either. This dance hall we go to now is really a smart place. It is at the far end of town and just found it about two weeks ago. There is no army drunks go there which makes an awful difference. The girls are all respectable too.

I got a letter from Wilfred the other day. Say can he ever shoot the shit. He told he was going to get his sergeant stripes any day now. If he can get to be a sergeant now I should be an officer. There is a disap[?] out here and he has been in now for over two years and is still a corporal and he has been only a corporal for about 4 months. Yes I am getting sick of this course. I wouldn't start it over again if they paid me ten dollars a day. They have stepped the morse up two words a minute and are getting all new and different equipment in. We have to know 8 different kinds of sets now as if that wasn't enough. The 38th entry went out thursday night and we had a parade for them after supper. An air commodore presented them with their sparks. I wish I had mine now. When I get there I sure will be proud of them. They just mean seven months damn hard work. Well I guess that is all I have to tell you this time. I am sending a couple of pictures. They aren't very good.


P. S. I am in bed so the writing isn't so good.

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