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Date: October 16th 1943

16 - Oct '43.

Dearest Mother:

I have already written to you today - this morning when flying was washed out. After Tea however there were two letters for me; your letter number one of Oct 3; and a letter from Scotty MacLeod. Yours is particularly nice; so I thought what the heck I'll write again. My name is up on the parcel list too, but it was too late to get it - so I must wait until Monday. Well I'm glad Bill got those ribbons & I'm looking forward to Harry's letter; seems like he may have something. He'll find some athletic ability a great asset at College - I'll take you & Dad to see him play Football some day. I was interested in hearing of Mr. Davidson, he dotes on his boys I know. Speaking of the baby crop, Scotty MacLeod tells me Chuck has a family[?] cooking; Scotty thinks he & I should get married soon. You certainly know my weakness, I'd love a chat over Canadian coffee & a roast duck sandwich. I'm happy about Pauline now she could marry an Eskimo & I wouldn't mind, before I felt she was mixed up & uncertain & I was so afraid she'd do something she'd later regret. Yes, one of the boys usually has a radio, & it is indeed a life-saver. The blessed Americans put on many good shows, & strangely enough [damage ] English people sing popular songs they don't have an accent - really! It was indeed nice of Mr. Diefenbaker, I was afraid I might be presumptuous in writing to him - certainly my greatest interest lies in the directions he mentioned, but it may be an ambitious inclination; Thanks so much for remembering me in all those prayers - you're all so darn fine. Well there I've reviewed your letter - forgive me for mentioning you letters weren't arriving.

-1 hr later - Spent an hour talking to a French-Canadian boy from Montreal. Just back from Malta. Mother this is a rough war - and is so much more complicated the closer you get. First were for Finland vs Russia, then for Russia vs Germany then vs Italy - now for Italy, The Germans are tough this French boy says if we ever get to Belgium[?] it will only be because the Germans let us get there, since we'd be easier than the Russians. It's quite a mess; surely all the people will get tired of it soon. Makes me mad the Canadian boys dying. I doubt its worth it. Our nation is like a niave young boy among a group of cynical old business men. Well, anyway there's lots to do. So long honey

Your son

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