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Date: August 19th 1944

Rec'd Dec. 18/44

Aug. 19, 1944. Dear Mom - We've been at this camp a little over a week now and are slowly getting settled into the old routine. I don't think we'll move again for a little while anyway. A couple of days ago some mail which had been following us around the country caught up with us. Only if I got my latest letter to date April 9, sports letter from Jim. I doubt if mail and personals will ever become regular for us until the finish. You'll probably receive this in mid-December. One thing we have here is a large, grassy field, quite a change from the sand and dust of other camps. However, with sports beginning to get organized again the grass may not last long. I'm writing this letter in the middle of the field, getting a little sun-bathing in, too. There is quite an exciting air around here, in fact it's plain to see. How's Linda, Brenda, and Bob? Too bad I'm not here to help you with the garden produce. Maybe next year. Well, solong, love to all, Syd.

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