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Date: September 7th 1941

No 79

Capt GS Andrews, RCE,

Survey Directorate,

H.Q. Cdn Corps,

Canadian Army Overseas,

England, 7 September, 1941

Dear Jean:

Sunday again, and I'm off this afternoon for my week in town. It's a lovely bright day, and have my bag packed all ready, and all the important work cleaned up, and just time to get your letter in shape before lunch. Will call for Bert Hammond on the way to the train. No letters this past week, although a parcel of 600 cigarettes from my thoughtful wife came yesterday, and a Province, so there will be probably some letters to look forward to when I come back next week.
The week was a pretty busy one. Was in London on Tuesday, on business, and had time to go up and see Mr Hinks to return his book on African Air Photos. Am afraid he was a little disappointed with my review, it wasn't quite technical enough evidently, and I'm sorry, because he is a grand old chap, and I really appreciate his frankness, which in itself is a compliment. Perhaps later on I may have time to write up something on the Alaska Highway air survey in BC, which I could really give him the real dope, much better than appraising something someone else has done in a country I've never been to. Another lecture at the Survey coy and I was president of a trade testing board, to examine a number of Sappers for trade pay as Surveyors. That was rather interesting, and I can see that I have a lot to learn about this new job which will be very beneficial to me as a soldier, and as simply Gerry Andrews. Also had some business with my friend Col. Carrie, and his staff, which is always a pleasure. Lorne has been away for a week or two, but we will get together one of these days no doubt. So far, haven't been able to see Geoff Playfair, and would like to do so, because I always admired him and he is doing some very interesting work in the Air Force, which I would like to hear about. Mickey Trew has written from the survey party somewhere up the West coast of V.I. Am glad he has had a chance to get away from the office for a spell.
The Morris' are having a big time now. Mrs M's little granddaughter, Anita is visiting them from Somerset. She is five, and it one of her outgrown dresses that Ecila sent to Mary. I haven't seen her yet, but evidently she is a character, like her grandmother. She should be there for a few days after I return from leave, so will try to get up early one day, before she has gone to bed. The old Lady is quite well now, and spry as ever. I think the winter is hard on her, and I wish she could be sent off to California by air till next summer.

Lyle Trorey is making a splendid showing as officer i/c air survey mapping at the company. He has a great way with the men too, and they worship him. His one little indulgence doesn't occur too often, either, and in between time, he certainly ticks. I think it is better for a fellow to have the occasional binge, and get it over with, as Lyle does, than to be a little tipsy practically all the time, as is frequently the case with others.

We have lined up a few things to do in town, but have no rigid programme. The place I had hoped to stay, is full up, so we will have to find some other place, We prefer to go to some kind of a club, rather than an hotel. I think we should be able to find something satisfactory. I hope to be able to find a nice picture or two, including something for our daughter. Will also try to choose a gift for Mary Garman.

Last night I finally got another family letter done, not so good this time. there is little of general interest, somehow. It took till after 2 am to get it finished, and addressed. Sent one copy to Toronto, for circulation there, another to Winnipeg, and the third to Uncle at Medicine Hat, which should reach you eventually. I thought Gordon and Edna Sturgeon would be interested in getting it after you. Practically all of it you have had before anyway.

Well, dear, I must run over to the Paymaster's office to cash a cheque before lunch, and had better be on my way. Hope Mary is getting her postcards. Will try to find some more this week.

Love to you both,

As ever,


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