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Date: October 31st 1943

31 Oct 43

Major GS Andrews, RCE: 10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec,

First Cdn Army Overseas.

Dear Jean:

The last day of October, and of one of the loveliest months, for it was October that brought you to me, - we must repeat our honeymoon when I come home the next time, for good. Glad the flowers arrived on the 15th and that they were OK. Your airletter of the 17th on the 27th, just 10 days, which is not bad. You have been busy too, which is the best way to be. Ruth's visit no doubt added to the social pace, and it was nice of all your friends to be so good to her. You will feel pretty lonely again after she leaves, well let us hope it will soon be over, and we can really live more normal lives. Are you planning to go south this year?

The week has been busy, it included our move, and we are pretty well settled in our new house. It is in quite a nice neighborhood, and the house is fairly modern. We appreciate having electric lights after our sojourn in the country using kerosene lamps. We could do with a trifle more room, but I guess there is room for the stuff we ought to have. This is the foggy time of the year, and the other evening I thought I would bike over to Trorey's company, which is only about a mile away, on the other side of the village. Well I only got about 100 feet along our road and got into difficulties, the fog was like peasoup. Just as I was waxing eloquent about fog, blackouts, crooked English roads, etc, a torch flashed out of the gloom and a cheerful English voice asked if I were in trouble. It turned out to be a civilian who lives opposite, and he suggested it would be much better to call the trip off, and come into his house for a drink. Which I did. He is an engineer, last war major, etc. and seems interesting and congenial. He brought some magazines over for my boys the other evening, but I was out for a bike ride to Morris's so missed him. It is nice to have a bit of contact with the civilian neighbors, but most are a bit timid about making approaches, because they can't possibly entertain the way they'd like to, and feel a little embarrassed.

Last night I was invited for dinner and a dance at our Cdn Wing RCAF it was quite a long drive to get there and back, but these are important contacts, especially for me. They are a fine lot of chaps, and very keen. Enroute down there, I stepped in at "Shoelands" for afternoon tea, and was able to help make some necessary adjustments in their chicken runs. They do have their problems. This pm, I biked up to Shepperton for tea with the Bevans, aunt and Uncle of Marjory McLeish. They were greatly interested in my trip home.



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