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Date: March 16th 1941

Lieut. G.S. Andrews, R.C.E.

"I" Branch,

Canadian Corps H.Q.

C.A.S.F. Base P.O., Canada

England, 16 March 1941

Dearest Jean:

It was a good mail this past week, two letters from you, 8 and 16 Feb. and the blue prints of the house. Also a letter from Doug Macdougall.
Have studied the blue prints with the greatest interest of course, and am very pleased with the general layout and the details - It is a very comfort and sunny little house. The alterations you mention in your letters are good too, especially the west window in the dinette.

Sometimes I can build you a porch on the back - so the steps as they are will do in the meantime. The interior details of the living room etc and kitchens sound fine, and the knotty cedar panelling ought to be very effective. Am very pleased that you find there is a nice view of the Sea after all. I am really so happy about it - and to know that you are going to be settled in our own home - independent and with things arranged the way you want them. Have you been able to afford an Electrolux cleaner? It will save you a lot of work. I am rather hoping you will stay till it is finished before you go South. It is rather important to keep an eye on the final details while they are being completed. The exterior colour scheme sounds very effective too. You must get Dave to take some pictures of it when finished. I wouldn't worry too much about the lawn - I'll need something work hard at when I get back! I notice too that the basement is not too deep that has two advantages - less likely to flood, and more light - this sets the whole house a little higher, but with a bungalow like ours, with no upstairs, it works out fine. Yes - you have done nobly - very dear - its ideal - you're a brick!

I wish my extra pay would hurry & come through so that I could increase your allowance. However by the time you return from California it may be on the way. I wish I knew how much it is going to be, so that if enough, you could afford to have Pelgie stay with you when you set up house next summer. It seems a shame to have to let her go. Before you leave for the South, you better sound her out on the possibility of coming back to you when you return.

Your kitchen looks well arranged, and should be bright and cheery.
The snap of Mary is sweet - she is a darling - it looks like her favourite "pussy" coat she has on - Glad Dr. Simpson has such a good report on her - what does he say about the Mother - how is she?
It was quite a shock to learn of Mr. [?] death - and I feel very sorry for his wife - I suppose Mr. Orchard will be the next Chief Forester. I doubt if Mr. Mullholland will stand any better chance of being taken back into the service because I really think Orchard is just a bit afraid of him.

I am wondering if this will reach you before you leave for the South. Are you planning to fly down again this year? It would save you a bit of weary travelling. I'm afraid its going to be hard for your family not to spoil Mary Elizabeth. Youll have to be firm! Give them all my best regards. I have not answered Chris's Xmas letter - it is most difficult to get letters written! I will be interested to learn of the reaction of people down there to the war. I really believe that if the U.S. diving right in, as she appears to be doing, with 100% support, now that the war will soon be over - with the right result. If she doesn't - I fear it will last a long time - and that she the U.S. will be fighting it out by herself for a long time to come.

We have had some lovely days lately - and spring seems very near - I am glad, because I hated the thought of spending the winter here - but now its just about over. Spring will be lovely in this part of the country.
I was down to Haywards at Dorking for the afternoon to-day and they brought me home this evening by a country road through lovely bit of typical surrey landscape. I plan to walk down there sometime, when the wild flowers all come out, as it is only about 5 miles across by the back roads & lanes. Bert Hayward is a really fine Englishman - you would like him so much - perhaps when the war is over you will meet them, either here or at home, because he has bought some property at Mill Bay.

Will dear its past midnight - and I have a date with the old man tomorrow at 10 a.m. - so I must have my brain ticking -

Dearest love to you both -

As ever -


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