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Date: February 19th 1945

Lieut A.E. Brock
C. Coy
48 Highlanders of Canada

Dear Lieut Brock

I want to thank you for your letter written on Dec. 28 giving me the particulars about the death of my son Hugh Walker. I know these letters are not easy to write and you must have a great number to do, but your letter to us was very personal and very clear and gave us great comfort to know that our boy died instantly when he was shot and had a Christian burial along with his comrades. A short time ago a piece was written in The Toronto Telegram about The Memorial Service held by the 48th at this cemetery on the dykes, giving the names of those buried there. Which seemed to bring it very near home.

The son of a friend of mine was killed at the same time, Lieut Galt Smith of 90 Strathallam Blvd. Toronto he was with B company, if you happen to have known him or could find out about him could you have someone send some information to his mother. As of up to date they have had nothing but the official telegram a few words with some one who has been with your boy makes such a difference.

Again thanking you and wishing you the best of luck
Sincerely yours

Edith M Walker
Mrs Homer H Walker
151 Westminstle Ave
Toronto Ont.

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