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Date: July 23rd 1915


My dear Sister.

I received your letters and parcel OK. The cakes were great it was waiting for me when I got home from the line. We had another quiet spell this last one. If this letter arrives before you send another parcel I would like to call your attention to the packing of parcels, if you could get a light tin box it's the best going. And again you don't need to send any cheese or butter as it spoils the biscuits also the cakes.

I'm sure you'll be looking forward for this letter, it was almost impossible for me to write you any in the trenches anyway I sent a P.C. the day we were relieved.

Everything about is the same everyday is getting nearer the end of the war. I think I would sooner be here this winter than on Salisbury Plain. Before I forget I would be more than pleased if you would send me a writing tablet in your next parcel. Ill write you soon again. I had a letter from Alick this morning

Best regards to all

Ewen Nicholson.