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Date: August 11th 1916

Aug 11/16

Dearest People

This is my last letter from England for some time at least. We leave for France tomorrow and I have cabelled to you "gone across" and expect that you will understand.

We do not as yet expect to go into the front line for some time. But I will write you again as soon as we get into our billets.

We were inspected by Sir Farm & Lloyd George. Each was very complimentary on our rapid progress.

Last Friday I succeeded in getting up to London for three days and had a wonderful and absolutely respectable sightseeing time with Stuart Hawkins. I wore my light shoes and finished the trip with a very sore ingrowing toe nail on my right foot but had to do a route march monday to the inspection. Was off parade in the midst of the final preparation but was working all the time.

Please do not think I am killing myself with work. I gained ten pounds in two weeks (now 173) so that does not look too bad. Wat! Wat!

While in London I got me a new pair of long boots that are the strongest I could fine. Absolutely waterproof.

I am taking a few changes with me an extra uniform, field glasses, compass, pistol, sleeping bag and case, and hair mattress to. The rest of my stuff as detailed in list englosed sent to Thos Cook [?] Ludgate Cross London E.C. for storage. They will hold my keep & send me anything from trunk & suit case as wanted at about a shilling a month.

The men are lying in bed in their huts doors or windows open singing & some parading around in shirt-tails. No lights in that procession. No sleep tonight for them.

Am sending you a few souvenirs of London in 2 parcels by mail.
Please do not worry they are taking more care of the officers now than ever before and the O.C. thinks he is going to bring us back as a battalion soon. Do do cheer up and expect me back.

Yours in haste & love

P.S. Write Elvis Mitchell I cant write U.S. on this paper.

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