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Date: November 3rd 1918

From: Cheltenham
3 Nov. 1918

My dear mother -

Your letters too are coming quite regularly. I received yours of Oct. 6, yesterday. The past week has slipped by rather uneventfully. We have had a rather busy time of it with the regular course of lectures. As a lot of the equipment, such as parts of planes, and engines is packed up, the lectures have not been what they might have been and I really think we are losing time. The move will probably take place some time this week. After we get settled down in the new place, we may possibly have a better chance. The school at Oxford, were Casey is, is an old one, where they have every convenience and plenty of equipment to explain the lectures. He must be over half thru there now.

Do you remember that we had our pictures taken at Hastings before we left there, but never got them? Casey wrote them again the other day and got them, sending me half. The picture, I think is very good of him but not of me. I do not like it. The light has not been right or something and I look so dark. Anyway, I am glad we have them as it is something I wanted. It would be nice if we could get a good one taken sometime, if we ever get together when we have cadet's uniforms on. I hope you like this chum of mine.

There is no danger of my being shoved ahead on this course - the contrary seems to hold. Those of us who went to No. 6 Wing that time are already three or four weeks behind others who went to other wings and passed out at the proper time, and our delays don't seem to be over yet.

Love to all.
Yours affectionately,

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