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Date: August 30th 1916

East Sandling

700 220 No 1 Comp.
701th Batt.
C/o 17th Reserve Batt
East Sandling

Dear Flo

Received your letter OK and was of course very pleased to hear from you as I thought you were never going to write. OH Say did I answer your letter before for I'm damned if I can Remember if I did or not if so well so much the better if not this is the answer.

Well Flo in reference to your question as to whether I would like you to send. Well you know if you insist upon sending your big brother something to eat or smoke why just use your own judgement in the matter for while we don't live very high over here we don't do to badly.

Well I suppose you are having a good time on your hollidays, but you take a tip from me kid and be satisfied with Canada and the States and don't come to this Godforsaken place you should just be here now its raining to beat hell and the wind is blowing about 70 miles p.H. if not more. I don't think I have been dry for a week for we work just the same there is a swearing match going on just be-hind me some of the Sgts have just come in from Hythe Ranges 3 miles away and soaked to the skin you should just hear cursing now why they have got me beat a mile and that is saying something.

Well I should not be surprised if I go to France pretty soon. Now I have already been on two drafts but got taken off at the Last minute and you take it from me Kid I don't care if they take me off them all if the weather keeps like this all the rest of my company have gone and I think Sorland has gone from D. Coy but I don't know for sure but I have seen him since the last Draft left

Well I guess I'll have to sing off now and get ready for parade in the rain

So goodbye and write soon.

As ever


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Original Scans