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Date: July 14th 1944

New Westminster B.C.
July 14, 1944

Dear Son,

Just a few lines to let you know we are well and thinking of you all the time, have been looking for a letter from you, but so far this week havent had one but I guess you are pretty busy and will no doubt have very little time.

The last letter I got had the best news I have had for quite some time that is you said to have the turkey ordered for Christmas no sooner asked than done. And no less a 50 lb. one.

Peg, Florance & I were over to North Van. On Wednesday went to see Florances sister Agnes. You remember her, she wants me to go & keep house for her, for a month so guess I might as well it will at least be a change, she has three children & they will sure keep me busy. Would also like to go up to Marys for a visit, but don't know whether I can make it or not, I suppose by the time I get home from Agness I wont want to see any more kids for a long time.

I hope you get the parcel with the shorts in, will try & get you some more next time I go to town, will also try & get you some vests. Couldn't get any the last time.

Aunt Peg had a letter from Gene, he has 31 trips now, so I suppose they will soon be giving him leave. hope he gets back to Canada. Florance had a letter from her sister in Russia, & she wants to come back to Canada so they trying to get her transportation, I guess it will be quit hard to do, you know she lost her foster parents & brother over there & feels quite lonely, I hope they can make it because she could tell us a lot about conditions over there a person hears so much you don't know what to think or believe.

Must away now so with all my love Mom.

P.S. Billie left last Tuesday for Toronto

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