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Thurs. afternoon

Dear Mother,

There is not much to write about as nothing has happened since my last letter. Last night we boys went uptown for the first time. We met Dad at the Service Club and then went to the show "Yankee Doodle Dandy". You remember the lady we told you about at Xmas-she sort of runs the Service Club, I fell asleep when Dad introduced me to her at Xmas and I also saw her when I got my 96 on guard duty. She recognized me right away and started to talk. She is very friendly and really makes one feel at home.

We were supposed to fly today but it is very cold and the visibility is too low. My instructor went on a two week leave and now I've got some young P.O. who thinks he's pretty smart. My other instructor had no sense of humor at all but is very good at instructing. I'll be glad when he gets back compared with these other sourpusses he's very good. On Friday we went 50 miles north of here, learning everything about the compass and the gyro instruments. He also gave me a lot of practice in pin-pointing. This bombing course we have to take is really complicated. Yesterday we saw the actual bombsights that they use overseas. It's really a complicated instrument. We write exams at the end of the four and seven weeks and then write our finals at the end of twelve weeks. I really hope I can stick it out as it will be a proud day for me when I get those wings.

How is the incubators behaving. Dad gave me your last letter to read and it seemed as though you were having a little trouble but trust me it won't last. I haven't had any letters from you as yet but am expecting to soon. Must sign off for now as it is time for supper.

Your loving son,

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