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Tues. Evening

Dear Dad,

Well dad I have finished my training and have already been posted - but not very far. I'm the guy who will be hollering "Halt, who goes there", for the next six weeks. I was very surprised when they told me I was on security guard on this station and will probably be here for at least six weeks. I am on 2 hrs. and off two hrs. for 24 hrs. and then have the next 24 hrs. off but take up classes when I'm off which consists of wireless, navigation, math, etc. It was 3 o'clock this morning when I was off but of course was allowed to sleep till noon. I'm very glad I'm not on tonight as it is raining quite hard out but it looks like a long rain so I will probably get my share tomorrow. It's very cold early in the morning and we have to have our great coats on. All the boys I came in with, with the exception of myself and two others, were posted to Mossbank, Sask. As that is an awful hole I'm just as glad I'm still here. The officer say's we will all meet at I.T.S. and that would be here, S'ktoon, or Regina. I certainly hope it isn't here because I want to see a bit more of Canada than this.

We have a few more privileges than the others. We don't have to wait in line for meals but go right past the rest - and that certainly makes them mad. On our days off we may go out at 3 instead of 5 o'clock. We get a 48 every two weeks. I just had one last weekend. On Fr. Night last I went to the Y.M. uptown and had a twelve hr. sleep 0 it was glorious. On Sat. afternoon I went to the wings club and did a bit of reading. It is run by the Air Force mother's. While there I was talking to a lady hostess & found out she knew Wap May very good. Wap is doing very little flying and can only go up when accompanied with someone. He has a glass eye and that is the reason. He is out at the A.O.S. school here and I am going to try & look him up. On Sat. night another chap and myself went to a carnival and had a very nice time. I get a 48 the weekend after next and as this is one leave I am practically sure of I will get into S'ktoon. I would be there for two days so that isn't bad.

I just returned from a basketball game, held here on the depot between the U.S. army air core and the R.C.A.F. the Canucks won as we always will, the score being 40 to 32. I received four letters today. One from you, Marilyn, Earnest Watterud and Bob Graham. I would love to get home for a couple of days to see them all. Don't take by this that I'm homesick because much to my surprise I have not been homesick since I got here. I wouldn't give up the service for anything. You can be expecting me a week from Sat. Wouldn't it be swell if mother could get in but I suppose that is impossible. You can never tell what will happen next in this outfit and something might be bungled up so that I might miss my leave. Well Dad it's 9 bells here and I believe I will have a lunch, a shower, and then hit the hay.

Your loving son,

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