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Sun. Evening

Dear Dad,

We have just finished supper and it was very nice, I suppose of it being Sunday. There wasn't the great line up as most of the men are away. I'll certainly be glad when we are moved and there won't be so many men.

This afternoon three of us went to the park and saw a great assortment of birds and animals including buffalo.

I'm really stuck for news dad but I will probably be seeing you this coming week but I cannot name the exact day. It's been exceptionally hot here for this time of the season. You can imagine how we feel out on the drill square when we have to stand in one place and go through our rifle movements. I will be all through Tuesday with drilling and I'm not sorry.

We had a very nice church service this morning. All the squadrons march over toe the arena with a band. Tomorrow we have to start wearing our blues and if it's hot, I'll probably die.

As tomorrow is Arbor day we are given a half holiday. The depot is putting on a series of events which includes the precision squad, the band, tumblers etc. The public is also allowed to come in.

One of my chums, Jim Clark from P.A., took the mumps last Thursday, probably from me. I wrote to his mother telling her of the fact.

Well this is really a short letter dad but it's all I can think of at the time. I'm including a letter from mother. I'll be very glad to see you and will call you up as soon as I arrive.

Your loving son,

P.S. You said in your last letter that apparently I had not written Mother when I got out of the hospital. I wrote both you and to Mother and have written home four times since.

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