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Date: December 1st 1916
Mr. Mackenzie

No 541616
Headquarters Signal Office
Sir John Moore Plains

Dec 1/16

My Dear Mr. Mackenzie,

I have been going to write to you ever since I have been over here. So as I have lots of time on my hands I thought you would like to hear from one of the old boys from the Grove.

I have seen quite a few of the boys over here Bill Kingfisher, Dick Oliver, Bereford Hamilton, Bob Hamilton, Gordon Lunsden and Tim Light. They were all looking very well the last time I saw them. I believe Bob & Bill are over in France. We all had a good talk of the good old days of the School and we all said for would rather be there then here I suppose you would like to know something about my regt. I have been over here since March. I was on one draft but was taken off just before they left. I was doing line work and signaling all summer. I wanted to get over in the reconnasance but for some reason or other they would not send me. The Company left here for Crowford about two months ago. I was offered this office position so I took it for the winter. I am glad I have taken it as they say Crowford is an awfull place. We have an very nice office here four of us in the room. Two operators a telegraph check and myself. I am on the telegraph desk. I receive all messages coming into the office. I have to check & count them before they are sent over the wire to the different brigades. I like the work fine. They say there is some chance of us going over this month. I hope it is as I am getting sick of staying over in this country. The only thing I don't like about it is that it rains all the time.

Well Mr. Mackenzie I hope the old school is still going at full swing. Was the school full last term? I suppose there is not and of the boys there now that I would know. If there is I wish you would remember me to them. How many old boys have you on the Honour [end of letter missing]

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