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Date: February 29th 1917
Amos William

291494 A. Coy
19th Reserve Battin C.E.F.
c/o Army Post Office
London England

Feb 29 /17
Seaford Camp

My Dear Betty:-

Well my dear it is 11 am as I write & I suppose you will still be in bed about 5 am with you we are have a spell of rainy - foggy weather which is likely to last for some time, it is like this the beginning of every spring our cold weather is past, but I suppose you are still in the grip of yours, for the present I am acting Serg't Major of the company so consequently am kept pretty busy the whole time. I received your parcel No. 3 in splendid condition on the 20th Feb, & enjoyed the contents immensely, the cake was fine, the best I think you have ever made - it certainly tasted good to me & the boys. I left off here to read your letter (No 28) which has just come - also one from Ruby which I was pleased to receive they are having a hard time of all right. I must confess dear Betty that I do not like to hear of the way Mattie is treating my little girl, it certainly is far from being right, & there is no reason in it & no justification for it, & it is an insult to us, as well as doing harm to & hurting the feelings of dear Shirlems, who has the kindest of hearts - I'll be glad to know when Mattie has gone, though I hope & trust she will be better. I am very sorry for Ruby & do hope that things will brighten & get easier for them. I shall try & write her to day. Oh I am very sorry to say that I had quite a loss the other day. The ruby in the ring you gave me dropped out unnoticed - I feel pretty badly about it & would rather have lost anything else - I shall try & get another put in. Have been wondering if you got my letter asking you to send a $ 100.ºº, its too bad you are not getting my letters more regularly, I am getting about one from you every week. I suppose we are all waiting expectantly & anxiously for the developments of the next few months, I am afraid the sacrifice will be heavy, but believe it will be worth while & trust that it will bring the end & realization of all our hopes. Don't worry about me dear, whatever comes it will be alright, & you know I could not have done any other than I have - I have offered to give up my stripes in order to go to France, but do not know what will be done yet. In any case I think that I shall be over there inside a month it might turn out to be the quickest way home after all. Don't send any more sox-hankys or towels until I tell you, as I have enough now to last me for some time. I got a parcel from Bella & Bob the other day cigaretts & chocolate, forgot to mention how I enjoyed the tea you sent in parcel - also the gloves you send in parcel no 2 - were dandy they fitted alright.

Sorry to hear of old Mrs. Gunn's illness, I'm afraid she does not have a very comfortable time of it there. There's nothing like keeping one's own home after all as long as one possibly can. On Sunday afternoon I took a great walk about 4 miles along sea-front, went out to see a vessel which had been torpedoed but they had towed her into port that morning. I was wishing you & the kiddies had been with me, how they would have enjoyed playing in the sand & gathering pebbles & shells etc - etc, my what a reunion ours will be, Pease God! Am very much interested in hearing of how you are fixing up Shirley & yourself go on with the good work.

There is quite a little excitement in regard to the submarine warfare - but the Germans can never hope to be successful in their effort to blockade England - we are getting their subs every day + over 3000 vessels came into British Ports from Feb 1st to Feb 18th. Remember me kindly to the Gunn's also to Mattie. Am going to try & write a few lines to Ruby, so will close for the present hug & kiss Shirley & Billy for me, fondest love & kisses. God bless & keep you

Yours lovingly


Betty xxxxxxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxxxxxxx XXX
Billy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Am in the very best of health - never felt better in my life than I do now - physically the change is certainly doing me good


Sea-weed from Seaford - Sussex - England put it in water for a little while (salt).

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Original Scans