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Date: October 17th 1944

Oct. 17.

Sgt Gould A.N.
R163068. R.C.A.F.

Dear Mother

How are you & everyone at home. I haven't wrote you for 5 days or so. We have been rather busy of late We have just finished our few training trips here & we are now operationally fit & should start any day or night now. It will be a big thrill for us. We have to get 3 trips in before we can get any leave. I have been writing Aunty Gladys quite a bit lately. She sent me some books & some cigarettes. She is very nice & I am very anxious to meet her.

Well we are really getting settled down on our new station. The food is a lot better & they treat us pretty good. It is quite cool & very damp now. We are shivering most of the time as there are very few fires. My cold is much worse. I am going on sick parade one of these days. I think we are going to be very cold this winter. I haven't been off the station since we arrived 2 weeks ago & there is not much hope of getting off until we get leave. We are all looking forword to this leave. Sorry I didn't get this finished yesterday. I never seem to be able to find time to write a whole letter in one sitting. The weather is still damp & raining. Very miserable. It has been like this for 5 days now. I received 5 letters from home today. One from you & Gloria & dot & two from my darling Marg. I am almost positive that when Germany falls we will be sent home. The paper says that all RCAF personal going to the Middle East will be volonteer. I don't know whether I will volonteer or not, certainly not unless they give us leave at home first. It won't be long now. If we get any time off for Christmas I will be spending it at Aunty Gladys & Dougs place. It don't look like we will get any time off though.

We will be on our first trip any night or day now. I have everything signed & sealed & if anything should happen which it won't don't forget thousands of airmen have walked back or got out so don't pay any attention to the missing list. If it does tell Marg I love her. Don't worry though as the casualties are almost nil nowdays.

Please send me another of those shirts you sent awhile ago. I want to give it to Doug as you cant buy them over here without coupons. This is all I have for now. I will write again tomorrow or as soon as I can & also to Gloria & Dot. Give my reguards to Ella & Les & the baby. Love to you & Dad & the family

Your Loving Son Norm.