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Date: May 31st 1944

May 31.

Dear Mother & Dad & family.

I received 3 of your letters along with one from Ella & one from Mary & one from Helen Mackay. The mail is really coming through now. I have slowed down on my writing the last few days. We have been flying a lot the last four days & the weather is really warm or I should say was. Today is a typical English day. You know what that is. The parcels are not here yet but they should be here shortly. I can hardly wait. Johnny has a couple on the way too & we are both waiting patiently while the post service sucks there thumbs. It will be a happy day when those cigarettes get here. These English fags are terrible & very costly what you can get. My money is the same now as ever as we have more chance to spend it. I don't figure I'll have any money saved for my leave but thats O.K. with me. We should get 3 days in 3 weeks time & I shall go to London & see Auntie Gladis.

We have no time or place over here to engage in [?] We spend most of our time flying or on our back thinking of home & sleeping or in Town having or trying to have a good time. This airmail service is a good thing & your mail is very regular now. That airgraph letter was very plain. I hope you garden turns out good. This is a lovely green country here as you already know. Tell Fred to keep up the good work & say hello to him for me & also Agnes & the baby or maybe I should say son now. I shure would like to spend my holidays with you this year. Well maybe soon!

We are not going to the Middle East for sure It is already cut & dried were we are going & I guess you have a fair idea where that is as you read about it in the paper all the time. I shall write Grandmother soon & also a lot of other people I owe letters to. My pilots name is P.O. Weiss. He is of German decent & theres not a better pilot over here. Well so long for now. All my love to You & Dad & family Norm

PS. Carl came over with me on the boat & I was stationed with him on our first station. Give my regards to Mrs. Harmon & Shirley. Well I goto blow now I