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Date: October 18th 1918
Ivy Redman
Sergt. H. Shogun

Camp Merritt N.J.
Oct. 18 1918

Dear Ivy: -

Just a few lines to let you know that I'm still alive Don't know whether I answered your last letter or not.

Left camp Tobyhanna about a month ago to go overseas. Was taken off shortly before transport was ready to go. Took me off on account of having Spanish influenza. Believe me I sure was some sick boy for a while but I was lucky enough to pull thru. A good number of soldiers have died from this disease since it started. They were dying like rats around here, but they have it pretty well checked now.

When I was taken off of the boat I had a temperture of 104.2º. Was taken off the boat and sent to a government hospital in Hoboken New Jersey, from there I was sent to the camp where I am now.

Am having quite a time here. The only thing I don't like we're under quarantine for Spanish influenza so we can't even leave our company street unless we get a written pass from our company commander.

We are getting ready again to go across. May go some time this week. Don't want to be left behind again.

Believe me it hurt me to see my company go and leave me behind. I felt just like a big kid ready to cry. Maby you want to believe but I had an awful time to keep from crying. A lump came in my throat big enough to choke me. But I had to swallow it.

How are all the folks in Regina hope they are all well. Send them my best regards. Have you heard from Willie lately. Don't he ever come and see you? Well I think he's rather slow If I was in his place I would be there to see you quite often. I think we could spend a few happy hours together What do you think about it. Enjoyed the time spent with you the last time.

Well Ivy I don't hardly think I'll be here when you receive this letter but write anyhow it will be forwarded to me no matter where a go.

Am just a present supply Sergt. In this company. Believe me it sure some job getting all the equipment for the men and then putting it down on their service records.

Give my best regard to Dixon. Say I had to think twice before o could think of her name. Don't know here first name yet.

Well Ivy I will close for this time hoping I receive a letter from you shortly.

A dear Friend

Sergt. H. Shogun
456 Casual Co.
Camp Merritt.

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