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Date: March 3rd 1940

Fleet Air Arm Section
R.A.F. Station
Evanton, Ross-shire Scot.

March 3, 1940

Dear Mother:

A pair of knitted socks arrived with your letter of February 3rd and they are much appreciated, especially to wear in cold weather and beneath fleece-lined flying boots while in the air. Please thank Mrs. Buxton for finishing off a good job. Your presumption as to my return to England is entirely wrong - and where did you get the idea that I was to return in August? You amaze me! Actually five others returned with me and for a far more romantic reason than ill health. I hope some day to tell you all about it. Don't worry about my health. I have never felt fitter in my life and am, I hope, entirely finished with flue, etc.

I see that you are worried because my letters are uncensored. Well don't worry anymore - this is one area where they take a great interest in it.
That was very sad about J. McLure's death in the car accident. I hope the family will make the grade. The kids are quite grown up, luckily.
What is this Canadian Club you talk about and what is its aim in life?
Talking about the re-addressing of mail reminds me of the letters I receive from home. Even the latest are re-addressed three times - but before I used to receive them with as many as seven addresses tacked on. They would put P.T.O. on the bottom of the envelope and then use all the back - some fun!

Sorry I wasn't home to meet all the people at Jean's sorority party and Bob's party. You must do a lot of entertaining. Do you play much bridge? I am afraid snooker is my favourite - and anyway it keeps one's eye in.

I think I could take a prize for writing long letters and telling nothing in particular. It was a great asset in high school. Nevertheless I do have a most interesting time and only wish it was more interesting which no doubt it will be soon - I hope! Have you heard from Max lately? You know I received a couple of letters from him. Is Dad's petrol rationed or is he allowed unlimited quantity? A private owner over here is allowed about 10 gallons per month. I don't know if your butter, etc. is curtailed, but I should like to hear how the war affects you. The Canadian Red Cross and different clubs over here are doing wonderful work for the Canadian troops, and it is really appreciated. Judging by what I hear of Ronny, it is about time he was packed off to school, even if he can't read!

Lots of love


P.S. Please thank Mrs. Buxton for the lovely socks again.