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Date: February 3rd 1900

February 3rd 1900

Just now I have sent my choclate box home in a large Coy. box and a friend by the name of Wilson is going to it home for me in Joes name I hope it gets home safe it is the Queens Choclate box and take good care of it if I get home safe why it will be a keepsake from the Queen and if I dont why Joe and the rest will have it and there are a few things photographs I found after the fight at summerside of some Boer women I will write from Modder as soon as I can and tell you all about the fight and how we get along I wish the Campaign was over & I dont think there is a British soldier in the field wishes otherwise the boys are determined when they once get a start to end it sharp & quick the war from this is going to be sharp & short there is going to be no more fooling but go in & win weather about the same no change only a little cooler in the evenings I am well feeling good hope this will find you all well and happy I will close with love to all