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Date: June 21st 1918
Charles Willoughby


June 21/1918.

My Dear Mother:

Yesterday noon they put me on a tram only to get off again at the next station. Then I found that divisional headquarters were still several miles away. So off I started and walked the whole way.

The A.D.M.O was an awfully decent sort however and supplied a car for me to return to the station for my kit and then detailed me with the 27th Field Ambulance, which is supposed to be the best ambulance in one of the best divisions of the army. So I consider myself rather fortunate.

Yesterday I received another letter from you making two this week. - There is a jump of two weeks between them so I should have a third some where in the mail. - On a second look I find I have already answered the one of May 15th. So I only have the one after all.

This sounds like decent living to be able to jump in the car and spend a few days up at Cookstown. I am glad to hear Father is getting along so well driving.

We will hardly know the old house after all the improvements have been done I am sure it will look mighty well when finished. What kind of car did uncle buy this time.

Aunt Bell is becoming quite sporty too with her home improvements. I can see where things are looking up.

Dont worry about this Jack Duff incident. He happened to come in contact with one of those air - raids on hospitals. If everybody in the army had as good a job as dental Surgeons it would be a good war.

Tell father I hardly know what to advise about his new buy. But if the place has a brook running through it the improvements could easily be made worth while. Then I have a tendency to the north-east. That part of the city always did appeal to me somehow. - I would speak to Maryon about the proposition too. No doubt she is very much interested. Toronto is bound to be alright in every part.

So Buchanans have taken the Cookstown proposition real seriously again. Aunt Maggie always was determined she would get back there somehow.

Hard luck about Carl Kidd. So Art being conscripted? If so it puts a terrible lot of responsibility and hard work back on Mr Kidd.

In a letter from Mrs Frost, a few days ago. She said they already had the passes for Canada this summer so I can see where it is fairly certain they will be coming across. Be sure you show them the time of their life. I only wish I was there to take a hand in the entertaining but you people were always capable of showing people a good time and now with the new car things should be very easy.

Things are very quiet with us at present. I am doing duty back in the ambulance rest station at present and should be here for a few days yet.

I would like to run up and see Stew some of these days but I am afraid the trip is still a little too far.

There is not a great deal to say today. I know you realize we are quite comfortable and happy.

I hope father will consider my suggestion. He knows best.