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Date: June 19th 1944

June 19/44.

Dear Shirley,
It occurs to me that you have a birthday very soon, the exact date of which (thanks to very excellent [?] Memory) I find it difficult to recall. I feel certain however that it is either the 22nd, 24th, or 25th. The 22nd I think is my strongest bet. Failing that it must be the 24th. If of course again I'm wrong well, then it's the 25th. If this too is wrong well, then I'm sure it's sometime in June or July- or- or- etc.

The fast remains this a little note saying many happy birthday returns for your 20th birthday or if it isn't your 20th it's your 21st or failing that it's your 19th well, anyway it's in the double figures.

Out of all that I think it's your 20th birthday on June 22. Am I right? Maybe you're wrong? No, I guess that couldn't be?

Am temporarily ensconced at this address while waiting for my sea appointment Had hopes of coming to Plymouth but some how don't feel I'll be that lucky.

How's the Lindy Hop going? (I hope it's gone, frankly) Still I guess its better than the Palais Glide or the Hoki Koki.

By the way, I forgot to compliment you on your last letter. That's the first time I've had more than 1 side of page from you. You must have been bored with life! No, I don't mean to be sarcastic. I enjoyed your letter muchly. It had some of the old zip in it that I haven't encountered since I saw you last in Plymouth. That was one thing that always amazed me about you.. Never knew anyone who seemed to be enjoying life more. That vivacious sparkle of yours. I hope its still flourishing. (You don't take Bile Beans or Casters Little Liver Pills, do you?) If that's the reason, then I'm sold on them - they must be good! But here I am stepping metaphorically into the cushy realms of fantasy where all I meant to say, was ‘appy birfday to you, ‘appy birfday, to you, ‘appy birfday dea Shirleykins , ‘appy birfday to you.

Cute isn't it? Glad to hear all at home are well. Please give them my love.

Well, Shirley I kinda gotta hankering to hit the hay, so will close for now hoping to hear form you soon. Best wishes for your something - or - other [?]

Mine address till further notice will be

Buanos Noches!
Much Love,
P.S. Have you heard this one: A: Did you have your radio on last night? B: Yes A: How did it fit?
Guess I'd better quit while the quittings good. Ta, ta for now.
EvaD (backward, aren't I?)