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Ivy Redman (Sister)
George Redman

Princess Pats Host

My Dear Sis,

I was very pleased to recieve your letter of the tenth. Thank you ever so much for the money which I was badly in need of. Very pleased to know you passed your exams I do hope you will get on well. Send me that Photo as soon as you can. Russell is back in the base again, Eric is in Host with blood poision in his thigh. There is nothing else I am in want of just now, the blades have not arrived here yet but expect them an day now. I guess we are a lucky lot so far. Eric must be well in luck getting one to last him all winter I would rather be shot full of lead than put another winter in like last one. You do not want to let us worry you at all. We can only get killed and dying has no horrors for me, there is lots worse things than dying out there. Send Enid my love when you write and my congratulations. I heard Ella was in Regina I suppose the whole bunch will be up there before long. Was she expecting to get married. Winnie said Miss Powers has been married she said she would wait for me but suppose she has forgotten al about me, married a farmer to.

Well Sis, this place is nearly as bad as France, I have been here three days and there has been two air raids, some place to send an invalid dont you think. They dropped a few bombs between one and two this morning. Galz killed and injured a few broke a lot of glass, and set a fire which was soon put out.

I was up for board yesterday and have been marked D. so I shall soon be on leave, and then to Hastings for phisical drill for a while. Hoping this will find you as well as I am.

Your Loving Bro
G. H. Redman