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Date: March 22nd 1918
Ivy Redman (Sister)
Eric Redman


My Dear Sister;

Will Ivy I guess it is time that I was answering your most weclomed letters I received one wrote on the fourth of Feb and the another wrote the eighteen of Feb, so I am thinking that it is time I was answering them.

I surpose you will have got the photos by this time, When I send them why I didnt have time to write because it was only the night before I left for France so I just droped a line to Dad and send the Photos, and say Geo had some of the same I asked him to send you one so I hope he done it Say there is some class to Floranc, they arent losing very much time either. When you see here again just remembe me to her

I am awful glad that they got Osborne Johnstone for I sure think that he should of joined up before and also Allen Peper. I would just like to see them two out here and you bet I woulnt have a bit of pity on them. Two fellows like them and nothing to stop them, why should be ashamed of them self.

Ivy you sure are well in them Nursing Business, Jes and I sure wish that our time was limited as yours is I sure would be looking forward to getting out but I guess there is nothing but stick to it untill the finsh whish God only know how long that will be

We are having beautiful weather out here now. it has just been like June weather now for three week. And sure hope that it keeps like this.

Now Ivy I think this is all the news

Lots of love. Hoping you are well as it leaves me

Your Loving Brother
Eric F Redman

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