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Date: February 1917

Thursday Feb. 1, 1917

Thowing a trifle

Bill Abboth and I started for Liphook this afternoon to purchase a revolver from the Canadian ordnance. But found the roads so slippery that the horses could scarcely navigate, so after getting within 2 miles of our destination we had to turn back. However, we had a nice ride out of it. Got back about 6 P.M.

Received a parcel of apples and cakes from Sarnia, posted Jan 9th

Friday Feb. 2, 1917

Still cold.

Had the men digging gun emplacements all morning. In the afternoon put them at it again.

Received a letter from Father & Mother dated Jan 14th and one from May dated Jan 10th

Saturday Feb. 3, 1917


In afternoon Abboth & I rode out to Frensham Pond Inn and had tea. Got back at 6 P.M.

Received a box of cigars from May and a letter from Father & Mother dated Jan 1 which had been sent to Witby Bay, Northumberland before it came to Witby, Surrey

Sunday Feb. 4, 1917

Cold with snow flurries.

Had a ride this afternoon for about 3 hrs with Lt Benallick Enjoyed it very much.

Received a letter from May dated Jan 17th

Wrote May & Father and Mother.

Monday Feb. 5, 1917

Snowed heavily last night to a depth of 4"

Had the men digging gun emplacements in morning and afternoon.

Interviewed Col. Swift regarding his transferring to us some infantry men.

Received a letter from May dated Jan 14th.

Tuesday Feb. 6, 1917

Still cold.

Orderly officer today. Gave the men a route march for an hour in the morning and then 2 hrs digging gun emplacements. One hours foot drill in the afternoon and an hours digging.

In the evening Abboth & I went to Guilford and took in a show at the Opera House. It was entitled "From Paris to Maidenhead." and was a pretty rotten show.

Started to eat at the D.A.C. at Lunch today.

Wednesday Feb. 7, 1917

A little milder during the day.

Had to transfer 11 of my best men back to the 202nd Bttn. It was a pretty sore touch.

Bill & I interviewed Major Bury AHG & Q.M.S. 5th Div. regarding when we could expect the balance of our T.M.B. equipment. He assured us that it would be along shortly. Also he told us the interesting news that this division of artillery would soon be known as the 4th Div.

Received a box of cigars from Jim and a box of nuts raisins and Xmas cake from May.

Wrote May tonight.

Thursday Feb. 8, 1917

Still Cold.

Gave the men a holiday in P.M. to see the hockey game between the Officers of the 13th Bgde & 15th Bgde Also the game between between the NCOs & men of those 2 Bgdes.

The 15th officers won by the score of 4-3. It was a pretty good game considering the lack of practise.

Friday Feb. 9, 1917


Digging gun emplacements all day.

Saturday Feb. 10, 1917


Left for London on the 9.03 train from Guildford in company with 12 others to view an exhibition of camouflages in Hyde Park. Found it most useful and entertaining. Registered at the Regent Palace hotel. Had Lunch at Simpsons, afternoon tea at the Picadilly and dinner at the Regent. Went to the movies in the evening to see "The battle of the [?] and the advance of the Tanks."

Saw Jack Williams who had just got out of hospital with a bullet thru' his ankle.

Sunday Feb. 11, 1917


Had breakfast in bed, Lunch at the Savoy, Tea at the Waldorf and dinner at the Savoy.

Saw Freddie Mills (old Argo [?]) at the Savoy. He had just returned from Rowmania, via Kieff, Petrograd & Moscow. He is in the R.N.A.S. and was on his way to Canada on leave.

Jack Birnie and I had a room at the Savoy over night.

Monday Feb. 12, 1917

Very mild today.

Left London at 11 10 and arrived in here at 12.29. In the afternoon had the men working on the gun emplacements.

Wrote May tonight

Tuesday Feb. 13, 1917

Mild but Froze last night

Digging gun emplacement all day.

Visited Jack Burnie in the evening.

Was offered a subaltern's job in the 53rd Btty but have practically decided to turn it down.

Wrote to Father & Mother

Wednesday Feb. 14, 1917

Mild during the day but it froze last night.

Digging gun emplacements in the morning.

Birnie and I walk into Witby and visited an old church built in the 14th Century

In the afternoon rode out to Hankley Common to select some suitable gun emplacements. Abboth, McEachern Birnie and myself composed the party.

The pay office notified me to return the $150 assigned pay they paid me in mistake.

Received a letter from Jim dated Jan 18 - one from Bruce Fraser dated Jan 21 and two from May dated Jan 21 and Jan 24th

Wrote May.

The Power plant burned down last night & we are reduced to candles.

Thursday Feb. 15, 1917


Digging gun emplacements both afternoon and evening.

Lt Short has transferred to the R.F.C. Lt. Robinson and Lt Wilson go to batteries

Friday Feb. 16, 1917

Nice Mild Day.

Moved to a new hut in the morning Jack Birnie. & I now rooming together.

Jack & I went to Godalming in the afternoon to purchase a lantern.

Had a game of bridge in the evening in the D.A.C. mess.

A heavy rain in the evening.

Received a letter from Gladys dated Jan 29th and a parcel of Tobacco from Jim. Also a letter from Miss Cave telling me that she had sent along six copies of the "varsity."

Saturday Feb. 17, 1917

A Beautiful, mild balmy day.

Digging gun emplacements in the morning.

In the evening played bridge and was a head 22 sh on the nights play.

Received a letter from May dated Jan 31st.

Sunday Feb. 18, 1917

Foggy but mild

Went for a walk in the morning and stayed in the room all afternoon and evening.

Wrote to May

Monday Feb. 19, 1917

Foggy and mild

Attended a meeting of the Div Sports committee in the morning as representative of the T.M.

Was feeling tough so stayed in the room all afternoon.

Played poker in the evening - penny ante.

Was asked if I'd go into the 84th Howitzer Battery but have decided to stay in the T.M.

Tuesday Feb. 20, 1917

Still Foggy and mild with heavy rain.

Feeling tough so stayed in the room all day.

Dental Parade for the men in the morning

Received the Sunday World of Jan 21 and a letter dated Jan 28th from May.

Wednesday Feb. 21, 1917


Digging gun emplacements all day.

Wrote Father & Mother and May

Thursday Feb. 22, 1917

Raw and chilly

Digging gun Emplacements in the morning. Lecture in First aid for the men in the afternoon.

D.A.C. dance in the evening. Many inebriates

Received the Sunday World of Jan 28 and and parcel containing candy, gum and cakes from May.

Friday Feb. 23, 1917

Sun shining in the morning and rain in the late afternoon.

In the morning read Chapters 4 to 44 K.R.&O. to the men. Route march in the afternoon.

Saturday Feb. 24, 1917

Rain heavily during the night and a drizzle all day.

First aid lecture to the men in the A.M.

Went to the boxing tournament in the afternoon and Taxied to Guilford in the evening. Had dinner at the "Red Lion" Hotel and went to a show in the evening. Taxied home again.

Received a letter from Doc Adams telling me of his arrival. Am trying to arrange for leave to go up to see him. Also received a package of chocolate from Bob and a number of "Varsitys" from Miss Cave.

Sunday Feb. 25, 1917

Dull and mild

Arranged for my pass to London in the afternoon and left at 4:59. Went to the Picadilly Hotel but found Fred was out of Town. He arrived back about 11:30. Had been down to Taplow to see Dr. Flemming. It was good to see the old boy and to get some first hand information about
234 St. George.

Wrote to May while waiting for Fred.

Monday Feb. 26, 1917


Had breakfast in bed. Visited the National Art Gallery, Trafalgar Square in the morning. Had lunch at "The Rendezvous" [?] St. for lunch. Visited the tower in the afternoon and had dinner at the Regent Palace. Went to the Lyric Theatre in the evening to see Doris Keane in "Romance." It was the best show I'd seen in years.

Tuesday Feb. 27, 1917


Breakfast in Bed with Fred, having moved into his room on Monday, giving up the one I'd engaged. Took a Tube at Picadilly Circus to South Kensington and visited the Museum of Natural History. Then took tube again from South Kensington to Great Portland St. and visited the Zoological Gardens in Regent Park. Came back to the hotel by Bus #3 and met Grant Flemming at 6 o'clock. Had dinner at The "Frocadero" and afterward went to the Alhambra to see "The Bing Girls are here"

Wednesday Feb. 28, 1917

Usual weather.

Bid good bye to the Doc. At Charing Cross Station as he left to report to Shorncliffe. Caught the 11.10 myself for Milford and reported for work in the afternoon.

The Doc's address is as follows
Capt F. Adams
#2 Canadian Mobile Lab [?]
79 Bouverie St
Folkestone. Kent

On my return found the following letters awaiting me.
From Bob dated Feb 1st
" Helen " " 3
" Gert " " 2
" May " Feb 4th & Feb 7th

Wrote to May

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