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Date: August 12th 1916
Henry Crozier Smith

August 12, 1916


Just a line to say good-bye to you and Herbert. I wish I could have seen you again, dear, for it will probably be a long time before we meet again, but I suppose you could not manage it. It was no use telegraphing for we have not really known till today when we were starting. Even now we don't know the exact time, it may be tonight or not till tomorrow morning. I am going to wait in till later in case you turn up. If you don't, I will try and get over to Ridgecap to say goodbye, that is if we are not C.B.! I am rather surprised we have not been, but the order may come out any time.

Write as often as you can, my darling, for I will like all the letters I can get.

The camp is almost empty now. We were duty battalion this week, so are the last to go. Everyone is in great high spirits at getting off at last. We have been left here for so long that we were getting rather despondent.

Pat Irwin got married a few days ago. He has been put in the "base company". I got a new glass put on my watch and it is going well now.

Well goodbye to you and Herbert and with ever so much love,

Yours ever, Henry