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Date: March 29th 1919

Havre France
March 29th 1919

Dear Mother:

Left Seilles on the 26th about 3PM and arrived here last night about 7PM. We boarded the train at Seilles about 9AM but the engines did not come until the afternoon. We travelled in box cars about 25 in each and they had straw on the floor and a stove. About 50 cars in the train, and it certainly did not break any speed records and stopped quite frequently. The longest was for about 8hrs when another engine knocked our coal-tender off the track but did no further damage.

Had plenty of rations and also a YMCA on the train with biscuits, chocolate etc and also tea and also we stopped several times for Tea on the way and a bite to eat.

Passed through Narmur, Charleroi, Valenciennes, Arras, St. Pol, Doullens and then Havre. Also passed through the battlefields in daylight and the ruins of the village of Fampoux close to where we had two battery positions.

We have all had a bath and new clothes today and the rest of our clothes fumigated and there is a slight chance we may cross to England tonight but it will most likely be some time tomorrow. Go to Southampton from Havre, and then by train to Witley Camp. We will most likely be from 3 weeks to a month in England if not more. Understand some of the other siege batteries are in quarantine for smallpox so it will be a little time yet before they get across.

I received a letter from Eliz while I was on the train at Seilles and she was apparently disappointed in her leave again. Had I been sure I could have found her, think I would have tried to pay her a visit for a couple of days, but communication is very difficult.

This is all the news just now. Will write again when I reach England. Trust Evelyn is now quite well, and around as usual.

With love to all

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