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Date: June 9th 1918

June 9th 1918

Dear Mother:

Wrote you last a week ago yesterday and while I have intended writing letters several times during the week have continually put it off so will try and write a few lines today anyway. Received a Canadian mail a few days ago and a letter from Isabel & Maggie Wilkie but none from any of you probably because you are busy packing and moving to Kearney. Also none of the boxes have arrived yet but there are several more the same way so no doubt they will still come unless destroyed on the way. Also received two letters from Eliz lately from Highwood and she tells me about the great times on the ranch and apparently she likes the work. You would be surprised to hear I was having a rest and it is certainly a treat. All I have done the past week is a few fatigues and the last few days I have been doing some training for a tug-of-war team to strengthen my muscles which will do no harm. Sports have been the main amusement and I have seen baseball, football, cricket running etc all week and also swimming at a pool a short distance away. May start to do some work soon now though.

I have seen Smyth several times during the week and had a chance to talk over old times. Also saw Kenny & Collins two former 64th Sgts. as well as several others so have had quite a time of it. Marshall & I have a little place of our own to live in. It is only a cover of bush and branches to keep the sun out in the afternoons. We sleep in it and it is a change but if it rains will return to our tent. It is quite dusty on the roads here as there has been no rain for over a month and the weather has been fine & warm every day. Have visited some of the nearby villages and sometimes get a feed of eggs and potato chips there which are a good change. You would doubtless read about the hospital that was bombed. It was an awful thing to do. Have you heard further of Rev. Little and where he now is? The chap Kenny I mention above is the one who was up to dinner with me in Guelph and Evelyn will remember him.

The crops around here are very good although rain would help them just now. Apparently they are having good crops in Canada this year.

Well I think this is about all the news at the present time. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves and with love to all,


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