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Date: July 4th 1918

July 4th 1918

Dear Mother:

I was pleased to receive your letter of June 5th a few days ago. My last letter was written on June 28th. Since then very little of interest has occurred that I can write about. Have been on duty at my usual work every other day during daylight while visibility is good and some days which have been unusually clear have had a great view of the enemy country as far back as twelve miles. At this time of year movement is hard to see on account of so much green foliage. There is no hard work although it becomes a little tiresome on the eyes. Still it is interesting at times which relieves the monotony.

I had a letter from Smyth yesterday. He is still in the same place. Think I told you he was now a Sergt. Also had a letter from Elizabeth telling about the trip she had to Helena and the breakdowns. She also mentioned the Exams but did not say how she got along. Suppose she would not know the results for a few days anyway.

Expect you will now be enjoying the best of the summer and you will likely have plenty of company.

I received Alderson Smiths letter OK and return it herewith together with a copy of a letter I have written him. Did you locate the timebook at home which had an account of the amounts he had paid so you could send him a statement? You might let me know the amounts if you did so I can hustle him up if he gets in arrears. I have a letter for the Assessor saying the property would be protected. I have also had a couple of letters from my lawyers in Edmn. stating that Mrs Brown wants me to take back the property but I would not do this unless at a considerably lower valuation than I sold at and then I would still have a claim against her property for the balance and interest etc. Have written about it to Smyth who knows the case and will get his ideas. Do not like to negotiate at this distance.

I wrote you about the cost of installing the water that A. Smith paid so if you write him along the lines I mentioned he should pay up.

There is no much danger of trouble with my property as everything is in good shape. The values have been shrinking alright but I hope to come out even some day. The only thing is the trouble in doing anything when it takes so long for mail.

I have been busy the last few days I have been off duty in answering letters which had accumulated but am practically up to date now. Leave is opening up this month so there are prospects that my turn may come in about three months time and it will certainly be appreciatted as war becomes a little tiresome even though there is plenty of excitement. The five days are appreciatted and it is nice to get out in the sun. Have had no word from Marshall so far and he will probably be away for a couple of weeks.

Well I think this is all for today. Trust you are all enjoying yourselves and in the best of health.

Your loving son

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