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Date: April 13th 1918

April 13th, 1914 [sic]

Dear Mother:-

At twelve o'clock I go on gas piquet and as that is but twenty minutes away I will just write a line meantime. I am well and am just now seeing a little line work which to a green-horn is interesting. I am with Battery Hdqtrs as a runner and like it fine as it gives me a chance to move around. Storrey and I are together. Reid is doing similar work at the Company Hdqtrs. The weather continues fine altho' it was a trifle misty today. My feet have been sore for the last few days but I think but I think I have them in shape again. We had a hard march on Thurs. over a cobble road and my shoes wore a piece of skin off my heel. Tonight after suffering I finally bandaged them both up.

We have the good old Canucks here in the line with us now and I can assure you one feels just twice as secure. If anything happens with them around there'll be something stirring.

Tomorrow night there is a big mail to come in so I am hoping for a letter or two from you, perhaps a parcel. Well, my time is nearly gone so bye, bye. Will write more in a day or so.

With best wishes & love from



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