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Date: April 7th 1918

April 7th

My Dear Mother:-

I am doing my best to keep awake but with nothing to do on a rather dreary wet day it's rather a difficult proposition. Reid, Storrey and I went out for a walk this afternoon but we didn't go very far before we decided to halt at a Y.M.C.A. hut from where, after reading for a short time, we returned to our own billets. This morning we were to church in a little building here in the village. It was the first time I've been to church with guns blazing away on all sides. The minister was an army chaplain, a young fellow and quite an interesting speaker.

I was very glad to get your letter of March 4th yesterday. It was the first one of yours that has reached me for some time. I think I've answered all the questions you ask in previous letters. Sorry to hear that Charlie is still away from school. Beatrice seems to do good work. I will enclose a one franc French note for her, as a souvenir. I'm sure Charlie will get back to his school-work soon. Of course with a war on and [with] labour scarce all must make sacrifices. I will be glad when I can get into a regular line again. I seen [sic] in the Daily Record where the B class is to be called up and that food restrictions are being placed more rigidly on hotels etc.

Things are going along here nicely. We are ready to join the line at any time. There is not much excitement here just now and really at times you would hardly realize there was a war on but when at night the big guns and batteries let loose and interrupt your sleep the realization comes home again quite plainly. Our grub here is fair altho' we don't live in style and serve up the meals according to the dictates of fashion. I manage to shave once a day but the mud is of the kind that sticks.

Yesterday I had a letter from Fred C. He is with the 4th Battalion and I should run across him. Reid has a brother over here with the Engineers but he hasn't located him so far.

Well, I haven't much real news to tell you. I am well. Send along some papers if you can. The S.E. Post is just the stuff. Many thanks. Yours


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