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Date: March 1st 1900
James Hatton

Private James Hatton of the first Canadian contingent, in a letter to a friend in Kingston, dated Belmont, Jan. 14, 1900 says:

"I have been in several skirmishes, but so far escaped being hit. I have frequently exchanged shots with the enemy while on outpost duty. The Boers have a nasty habit of riding up to within 400 or 500 yards from the outpost, firing several shots at us, and then hurriedly riding away. In the night they also annoy us very much by these tactics. But they do not always get off without injury. When any of their comrades are hit others dismount and carry them off. They do not like to come too near the Canadian, as they believe us all to be sharpshooters. A Boer prisoner told us his comrades believe we scalp all who fall into our hands, just like the North American Indians used to do. I hear we are to go to Aldershot on or about March 15."