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Date: June 6th 1944

H51780 W.E. Middleton
5th C.A.D. Troops Coy.

June 6/44

Dear Kaye –

Just a line to let you know I’m o.k. besides I guess I owe you a few letters.  Received your latest about 10 days ago & Mothers day before yesterday.  Hers was wrote May 21st I believe.  Had 3 from Jen last night & her latest was wrote May 30.  So we sure are getting good mail now.  Also got 300 cigs from each of you & Jen a couple of days ago.  Thanks but please don’t send any more for a few months as I have away to many.

How does the news sound over there?  It must be good, I have not heard any for days as we are terribly busy.  But I do know that we are certainly advancing rapidly nearly to fast for us, when there is so much stuff that got to be hauled up to them.  You should see the lines of traffic, nose to tail gate for miles & miles and its like that every hour of the day.

I have been expecting a letter from Russ in answer to mine but have not yet.  I sure got a surprise when I heard he was over here.  I have no idea when I’ll get to see him.  I know where he is but I’m never down that way.

Jen was saying that she expected to go west on her holidays around the 1st July.

There’s soon going to be lots of fresh fruit over here lots of cherries now, but it will be some time yet before the grapes are ripe I guess.  My but its awfully hot these days, we go swimming when ever we get the chance.  Have MacDonald heard from Doug since this last [?] started?

Hours later.  Well here it is night & have not this finished yet.  Gee are the rumours ever going around to-day.  I sure would like to hear a radio to-night.   Is it right about the second front.  Here’s hoping as I sure have been looking for this day for so long, if its not right or it’s a failure I’m going to start slinging the lead & try to get out of this old uniform.  I sometimes think I could get out pretty easy, by the feel of my joints.  I feel like an old man of 70.

Maybe I’m bomb happy, gee I would be if I had many days like I had from May 20 to 26.  But I prefer bombs to shells what a feeling, I’ll never forget it.

I guess Russ was lucky being sent over here, if its right about the second front.

June 7/  My but isn’t the news swell.  I walked 3 miles last night to hear a radio.  Heard the king’s speech also the news.  My but I hope it is a success no doubt it will tho.  Is just has to be, I can see where it could be possible to be home for Xmas, maybe its just wishful thinking, so I had better not get my mind set on it.

I guess this front will be out of the lime light now, but I believe its just about finished anyways.  I would sure like to get to see Rome when I’m so close, but I may not.

Well I guess I’ll close, oh but the way how is the housekeeping, are you going to teach any more?  Just think of the worries you would be having getting ready for the final exams if you were teaching.  I’m sure Mother is glad to have you at home.  How is Mother & Dad?  The best I hope.  I suppose Bill will be haying now.  How is Geo & Eve getting along?  Well Cheerio for now

Love Bud


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