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Date: March 5th 1916

 March 5-16

Dear Mother;-

 Your last two letters received O.K.  Was indeed pleased to learn of the change in weather conditions out there.  Am indeed sorry if I was unduly suspicious of anything which you would do.  Poor little Gladys cares about as much for me as she does about most things, except perhaps a good time.  I was supposes to be part of her good time at one period.

 Am enclosing a letter, open, to Father, and one to Ferne.  Will you please send the one on to Father in you next letter and re address the one to Ferne, and also send me their address.  I left it in Edmonton.  Was gratified to learn you thought of me at all with regard to abscess.  Was out to a big dance last Friday and the Doctor Cap’t Grey found out and gave me fits.  I went to bed early last night and slept from 8 pm to 10 am this morning.  Read Father’s letter and learn my new temptations.  It is sometimes a hard time to turn down promotion.

 Your Caring son sending oceans of love,