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Date: June 11th 1916
Folks at Home

 France 11/6/16

Dear Folks at Home,

 Nothing new or startling to tell you.  All quite well and still hale and hearty.  This is a most beautiful country and that is about the limit of what we are supposed to say as the enemy has ears everywhere.  Have great times speaking “a little French”.—viz  all we know.  Saw Will & Bert the day I arrived in France.  I am led to believe we will all be in the same Batt’n up at the front.  They are organizing now and unless there is some change we will all be together.  There sure are lots of things happening around but nobody seems to know exactly what to believe.  If one can believe all accounts you could turn grey as there are so many stories.  Well I’ll try and write occasionally so rest easy.   All ok.

 I suppose all the letters we get from now on from you will be read by all us three.

 Love from Eugene

 Have to close in a hurry to catch this mail.
PPS.  Use same address