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Date: November 10th 1915

Stony Plain, Alberta
Nov. 10, 1915

 Mrs. J Drader,
2132 Belmont Ave.
Victoria, B.C.

 Dear Mother,

 I should have written to you long ago but there did not seem to be very much to tell about and even now I don’t know where the substance for a decent letter is going to come from.

 I suppose you have read my letter to Cecil & Nora and therefore know where I am.  I have not been to Stony Plain since I mailed those letters and when I got a chance to send for my mail yesterday, I was rather disappointed not getting any word from either of them.

 It started to snow last Monday morning before I got up and has been at it pretty steady ever since.  There is about 10 inches of snow now (5 p.m.) and more coming.

 One of my boys broke his leg a week ago Monday at school but he is doing very well now.  It was pretty tough for the little fellow at first, though.

 I suppose you knew some time ago that the 51st Bat. was in Edmonton again for a while and that Eugene was there with it.  I was in to the convention last week and saw him & Balfour and numerous other officers whose names I no longer remember.  They were still recruiting for the 51st as well as for other units and the urge is always present with me to drop everything else and enlist, but so far I have not done so, as you are doubtless aware.

 I have seen Earl and his family and they are all well the last I heard of them (the 5th).  Little Edith seemed to make up with me pretty quick.

 There are 36 in this school now, mostly Germans, so you may imagine I am kept pretty busy.  One good thing, there are only the 1st four grades or up to the junior 3rd book and all large classes.  I always like large classes so there is no kick in that score.  There is a place for a bell on top of the school but no bell in it as yet.

 Nellie and the children were all well last week with the exception that Nellie had various pains occasionally which I hope are not fore runners of anything serious.

 As I have not heard from any of you for so long I am a little anxious to know how you are getting on.  Have you any more boarders yet and if so how many and does it pay to keep them?  Are the chickens paying now?  It seems to me that they ought to soon prove themselves.  Has the gathering of the harvest had any visible effect on the economic conditions out there?

 I guess I shall have to close now with the wish that you are all well.  I send my love to all at home.

 Yours affectionately,