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Date: August 11th 1917

Aug. 11,1917

Dear Folks:

I've got a few minutes before dinner so I'll drop you a line to let you know the latest.

Rec' a letter from Mother last night and the U. of A news letter. In the "knitters news" by Clara May Bell I saw where parcels have been sent to Peener, Ferby & myself by the Soldiers Comforts Club. They can't make me mad that way.

We had B'n sports last Thursday and as far as out Coy was concerned it was a success. Old Tom cleaned up quite a few events. I suppose you know by now who Tom is --its Tom Riley from Calgary. He and Peener decided not to enter in anything when we left but I talked them into it on the way down and consequently is 50 francs ahead and Peener is ten francs richer. Tom had hard luck in the 100 yds. He fell on his mush on the start & queered the act. He got 2nd in the 220 yds., 2nd in the high jump, 2nd in the hop,step & jump, 3rd in the broad jump. The each Coy had a relay team and the way we won it was poor. McPhail of W'p'g run the first 220 yds, the Chamberlain of B'd'n ran the 2nd 220 yds. Peener ran next 7 Tom finished and won by 50 yds. Each men got ten francs for that. Then to finish up with I stumped Tom to run in the mile so he and Peener entered. Tom was about 30 yds behind the leading man up to the last 200 yds. and then he started to sprint. Well he caught & passed six of them & then tied with the other for 1st place. It surprised everybody including himself. Now he's entered in Brigade sports in all those events so will have a pretty busy day. The boxing hasn't come off yet but Peener & Brownie have a good chance to win out.

We are going to have a picture taken some of these days & as soon as Chief comes back we'll have a group picture of the bunch.

I've almost filled up on fruit lately. Any old time at all we can go out & get plumbs, pears, or cherries. The pears aren't very ripe yet but they're coming on fine.

Had a letter from Mac the other day. He's still on the Musketry staff.

Well dinner is up and I'm a mess-waiter so I'll hang up. I got a hunch there's more Canadian mail tonight.

Love to Everybody Bill