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Date: September 27th 1916
John McLean

Bramshott Camp,
Sept 27/16

Dear Mother:-

I got you letter to-day and was awfull sorry to hear of Aunt Effie's death. ...will leave them poor kids in an awfull shape wont it. I had a letter from Miss McLeaod and one from Anna to-day too. well say last [?] I was standing in the door of the hut and I saw a lad going out with 2 Kit Bags and in a little [?] I heard someone say that is [?] McK's Brother and I heat it up and caught him and him it was he hasnt changed a bit only is a bit Biger But he looks Just the same as ever. I like him far then I did Alex but he dont

back to Canada. I dont know whether he is as bad as ever or not but I [?] he is. I gave him the Snap pearl gave me of all of us together but didn't tell him who it was and he says There is [?] dad as soon as he saw it he knew [?] and paw but didnt know Anna is [?] . he is coming over to my hut tonight and I will get him to write [?]. all he can talk about is the [?] he done when he was in the Sault. I asked him if he could Remember Knot [?] hole But he forgot all about it. he is far more pleasant then Alex and not half such a blow. I did see that fellow getting Buried [?] see it alltogether but he was on the Bot behind us we lined up on

never forget. The Boats stoped for about 10 minutes I Think we had been on the Boat 2 days then.

Well I cant say much about the army affaires. There is a lot I would like to tell you but I cant. But say send me something to eat and some tobacco too. well I dont Think much of this country I wouldnt trade the Coleman place stones and all for the Best farm I have seen here. of course we may be in a poor part of the country But I dont like The climate. They use an awfull lot of traction Engines here you never see a team with a Big load. any heavy work is done with Them Engines of course the Roads are all good. well They are all paved just like Albert Street. There is some awfull hills But They go up Them allright, and all over the country There is big automobiles Running from one town to another. They are all tin like a street car But They can deafen you when They are Running when you go into a hotel or a pub they call them it is nearly all girls who tend Bars and women go in with kids and drink here. and give it [?] the size of Sadie.
[?] go into a store here and [?] on the same as you do there [?] seem to care wheather They [?] or not. and they have such [?] names for things too ice cream [?] and a cup of tea is a mug [?] is a Bun no matter what it is like. tell Mrs peete that I sure know what a hapenny is and a [?] Bit is too and a Bob. [?] like that. Say There cirtnely is an awfull differance in This country to Canada you know There is no fences all hedges and there is an awfull lot of bush but it is all trees that have Been planted. They country is differant all togather in every way. well I guess This is pretty near enough for once. I will write again in a few days. I always try and send two letters a week anyway. I will say good Bye for now. write soon.

Love to every Body

from John

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