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Date: December 21st 1916
John McLean

Dec 21/16

Dear Mother:-

I got a Box last night that had been mailed on Oct 24 and I could tell that there had been a cake in it But that was about all. on the out side of The ox was a small tag saying (found Broken and Repacked). But it was in awfull shape you had put paper on top of The cake and candy on top of that and everything was stuck to the icing so dont put papers on tope of cake anymore for it sticks and wont come off. But There was enough left to know that There had Been cake and candy in the Box that was wall. always send it in a tin box and even then the ends will come out of them. you have no Idea what Knocking around They get Before we get them.

Carl Alton got one and it was just the same. we got a box of cigars and old chum from the Lodge so we are pretty well fixed for a while.

I dont know when we will get into the trenches But I guess it wont be very long now anyway. we are having pretty good weather. it is a little cold But not bad we have had snow twice But it dont amount to anything.

All the lads are fine and we are still together and wont Be Broken up any more now. we dont know where the fellows we left in England are. But I Think They are still There yet.

Oh say tell Anna I got her letters saying she had a letter from Elmers friend. I forget his name altho I knew him when I was up There and he is a little worse Then fiddie Elliot so she can emigene what he is.

I had a letter from Voida. I wrote to her Before I left England she is in the Sault. Say I am having an awfull time to write this for a drop of Rain falls on my paper every little while.

I hope paw has Been able to stand the work in The Sault altho I dont expect he will. well There is no news over here at all.

But the next Box you send put it into a tin Box and sew a strong clothe around The out side for it will get a lot of nocking around and dont put paper on of a cake for it sticks to it and you cant get it off. I dont know what has happened to Jim I haven't had a letter from him for over a month. Say is Dunk home? or where is he. you people know more about them we left in Eng than we do.

How is old Ira and all the Rest around there. I guess Xmas will be all over Before you get this letter. I don't know where we will be then But we dont care much for when are not home we can enjoy Xmas as much in the trenches as anywhere else I guess for it is all home to us.

Tell Kate I will write to her Soon and Anna too. Well I guess this is all for now. write soon.

Good Bye for now

Best love to all,


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