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Date: October 18th 1915

57 Alhambra Ave,
Toronto, Oct. 18, '15.

Dear Mother: -

You are probably looking for a line from me about this time. I have been on the go ever since I left home and have enjoyed the trip very much. We are taking it in easy stages in order to get the most of it for we do not travel it every day.

A week ago yesterday I was in North Dakota and left Gainsboro a week ago today, spending two days in Winnipeg. I had not intended staying there so long but found that the trains on the G.T.P only left Winnipeg for Toronto every two days so had to stay an extra day. Saw dozens of people in W'p'g I knew, including Isabel Adams. Did not have time to go to see Mrs. Stevens and Maimie The trip from Winnipeg to Toronto was very interesting though the towns were very few. The G.T.P runs through Northern Ontario or what is called New Ontario, and the country is heavily wooded with spruce, tamarack birch and poplar. The rivers and lakes are very plentiful and altogether the country is about as wild as it could be. Came through Barrie which is very pretty, and Gravenhurst.

When I landed in Toronto on Saturday afternoon I ‘phoned Lillie and found they had been expecting me for a couple days. Came out here and have had a splendid time. Allan is very nice. He reminds me of Ross a great deal.

We went over to the hospital and saw Aunt Ellen yesterday. She is much better and expects to be out at the end of this week. She is very cheerful and just as nice as I have always heard she is. She would like very much to see you. In fact Uncle Will and Uncle Richard and Aunt Ellen are all hoping you will get down this winter. They have been planning for you coming down the last two years they say, but they have always been disappointed. We were over to Uncle Will's last night, and I like him fine. Uncle Richard is still at Muskoka. Uncle Charlie was here last week looking for me but I missed him. I am going to Berlin today to see him.

Yesterday we went to the Aviation school and saw dozen of machines flying. We can also see them on the Island flying over the lake. The fellows there all know Shearer's brother. He is considered one of their best men. He left for England a few days ago. Raymond Fraser is there now.

We had a nice car ride along the lake front and out into the country. There is another car going to call for me in a few minutes and we are going for another spin till noon.

Must close for now. Leave for Montreal tomorrow and will write you more particulars then.

Love to all,



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