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Date: February 23rd 1916

4th Univ. Co. P.P.C.L.I.
St. Martin's Plain,
Shorncliffe Feb. 23, '16.

Dear Mother:-

I am in quarantine at present and am sending this out contrary to orders, but I knew if I did not write for 3 weeks you would think something was wrong. I think I had better not risk it again though until we get out, unless it is longer than 3 weeks. One of the fellows in our hut took the measles and as a result there are 32 of us in here. We go out for a walk once or twice a day but except for that there is nothing to do but read, eat and sleep.

The weather has turned quite cold and there is a big snow storm on now. There is about 4 inches of snow on the ground now.

The hut is pretty cold as all the windows have to be left open and there is only a small stove in the hut, but by keeping our overcoats on, and running around a little we can keep pretty comfortable.

It is quite a relief, almost like a holiday, for we don't have to shine our shoes, clean our buttons etc, and get up at 5.30 as we have been doing. Now we get up when we like and our meals are brought to us, and we can make up our beds when we feel like it.

I am only sorry that it spoils my bombing course, for it was just beginning to get interesting. We just started throwing bombs the day before we were quarantined.

I hear there are 3 more cases of measles since morning and it is probable that the whole camp will be quarantined. That would mean that our drill would go on the same as usual only we would not be able to go outside the lines.

I have not seen Jim for about 2 weeks now. He may have gone. I shall not be able to see him now for some time.

Brown and Stevens are in the hut with me also. Another M.A.C. fellow, Hawthorne, is going to post this for me. There is a guard stationed at the door, so no one can go out or come in.

If you do not hear from me for a couple weeks you will know there is nothing wrong. I hope you will write often and give me all the news.

With love to all

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