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Date: July 23rd 1917


July 23rd 1917

Dear Dad:-

The magazines are coming in regular by now and they sure are welcome. I've been down at the Wagon Lines for several days now getting to know the drivers and horses. I'll probably go back tomorrow. I was on night O.P. the night before I came down and did quite a decent stunt. I saw 4 parties of about 50 Germans each walking along a road well out of range for an 18pr so I got through to the Heavies, a 6 inch Howitzer Battery in this case, and reported it saying I'd observe for them as their own O.P. hadn't seen them. Well, we got them laid on a point about 200 yds. in front of the party and when they reached this point I gave the order to fire. They sent a 3 gun salvo and I ordered 3 rounds gun fire all 9 shells landing absolutely plumb in the middle of the Huns. They started to run like the deuce then but I got 9 more rounds into them before they all reached cover. I should say, and other people at an O.P. near me agree, that we killed about 25 and wounded 50. Not so bad eh! About 15 minutes later I saw a caterpillar followed by about 75 men coming along the same road. And did the same stunt. I got 6 direct hits on the men but as it was getting dark we couldn't see what became of the caterpillar. I guess we got about 10 killed and 30 wounded out of that. A six inch shell, High Explosive makes a darn good splash you know and I sure was glad I wasn't there. It's about the first real good shoot I've had and the Col. was quite pleased with it. I guess this kind of squares family accounts but hope I'm able to "do in" plenty more of the blighter. It makes you feel as though we were winning doesn't it? I got that postal order from Aunt Muriel O.K. and suppose 96 Carling will still get her at Portage.

How are things at Aylmer now? I expect lots of letters tonight although I've had nothing to kick about in that respect for some time. Nen asks how I'm fixed for everything. We're allowed to draw 125 francs three times a month out here and it costs pretty near 5 francs a day for messing. Awfully expensive but we're trying to cut it down and it's worth it as we feed very well. I got my pass book from Cox's and I've a balance of £91,17s. Not so worse eh? It was quite a surprise as although I haven't chucked the kale about, still I've always managed to have a good time. So please don't worry in that respect. Better close now. Love to everybody at Aylmer with lots for yourself and ten thousand curses on Laurier and Quebec.

Yours to a cinder Bev