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Date: February 14th 1918


My Dearest Father:

Just a few lines there is not much to write but I got you letter this a.m and like to answer them right so the next one will come sooner.

You will excuse my Paper. this is out of note book.

I don't know what takes my letters so long to reach home I try to write every week. Of Course when we are in the line we can't always write every wekk. I wish I could get the letter of the witness of Co. Bordona. I would like to see it but don't go to any bother getting it because you have told me about all that interesting it it.

I am still a Coy Clerk and hope I can keep it for awhile.

You ask me how Vic is I guess he is O.K. I have not heard from him for some time he is still in Eng. I hope he stays there once over here for a fellow is quite enough I think How did the R.C social come off. I suppose a success. as most everything does. you start my hands do not bother me at this job they used to when I was handling the rifle a a lot but I don't have much of that now I had to go to the Ranges to shoot this a.m but it was such a dark day. that we could not see the targets so came right back.

I hope Ken holds on to the Business. tell him not to think of coming over here. we might need men but I guess there are lots more who have not anyone over here.

The weather here is quite spring like. lots of mud. I wrote to Jessie yesterday and have not mailed it yet so will just Put this in with hers. also wrote to Sadie and Cod, John is still working hard hope he will go easy.

I think I will have to say bye bye. I must and get my dinner.

Lots of Love to all.
Loving Son Donald.

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